Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to share

Posted by Teapots and Toads at 12:12 PM
I've finished making my own stash of snack bags AND managed to post some extras to share on my etsy site. (insert shamless plug Super productive weekend for me! Yay!

I managed to crank out 7 different kinds of bags. I would finish one, then tweek the next one, then the next, and before I knew it I had a random stack of snack packs. Pretty simliar to my own stash though. I am a bit odd and everything has to have it's own job. There's the actual "snack" bag, then the "PB&J" bag, and so on.

Does anyone else do that?

Here's how I justify myself. If something doesn't have a job then it just sits there. By all means feel free to sit there if you're pretty. If not, you're just going to clutter. Oh wait, I take that back, even pretty things can get ugly after a while.

OK, back to clutter.

So you begin to clutter my counter, then I get irritated that I don't have space & you either go in the craigslist/Ebay bin or if I don't think you're of any value you go in the trash. Bye-Bye.

And what does this rambling have to do with snack bags? Easy. That ugly ziplock box has gots to go. That's right. Gots to go. Replace it with a pretty snack bag. This bag never turns ugly. At least at my house they don't because I've got my little Bobalu munching on something when we're out and about.


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